November 2023 Broker Update

Gratitude season: We’re entering a new chapter with Travelers.

According to common etiquette, money, politics, and religion, are not appropriate conversation topics to pair with your turkey and mashed potatoes. 🦃 🍽️

However, cyber is fair game (unless your cousin is secretly in a ransomware gang). Below, you’ll find Thanksgiving-ready topics such as:

  • The current state of ransomware
  • Navigating the next generation of phishing 
  • Current events (featuring Corvus)=

Not included: How to explain what cyber insurance is to your grandmother. 🤔

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ICYMI: Travelers is acquiring Corvus ☂️ 

 This announcement signifies a new and exciting chapter in our journey! With Travelers’ support, we are equipped with the long-term stability of a top-10 P/C insurer to better serve you and your clients. Read the Press Release

The umbrella in the room: We expect the transaction to close in the first quarter of 2024. Until then, and immediately following the acquisition, it’s important to note that Corvus will remain a separate business.

 Corvus will continue to offer our existing products and services to you and your customers as we do today, and Travelers will do the same.

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October marks the 10th consecutive month with a YoY increase in ransomware victims posted to leak sites — and the eighth consecutive month with a count above 300.

Bottom line: Seeing 300 victims posted to leak sites in a month was once considered headline-worthy — now it’s the new normal. With a 15.12% decrease from September, October could be considered a slow month — even with 348 new ransomware victims. 

Booked and busy: Based on data from years prior, we shouldn’t expect much of a lull to continue. In the last two years, Q4 activity was higher than Q3, so November and December may see increased numbers. Brace yourselves.

Read the full ransomware report 

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A couple of LinkedIn profiles and the right phone number for an IT helpdesk. Is that all it takes to shutter operations at more than two dozen hotel and casino locations for over a week? 

The short answer? Yeah, kind of. 

According to ALPHv ransomware group’s account of the MGM breach, all they needed was the publicly available information from a privileged user’s Linkedin profile and a helpdesk…willing to help. After a password reset, they were in. 

The next-gen of phishing attacks: Threat actors are increasingly focused on creative ways to get at the weakest link in the security chain — us. Read how organizations can protect themselves from attacks like the MGM and Caesars breach. 

Three Tactics to Combat Next-Gen Social Engineering Schemes

✍️ Ready to test your cyber knowledge? Take our quiz (it’s only 9 questions) to determine how well you know cyber.

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Information Week (November 10): Latest Okta Breach: Stolen Credentials and Third-Party Risk

Insurance Business (November 6): Travelers to acquire Corvus

PropertyCasualty360 (November 3): The 2023 cyber year in review

Cybersecurity Insiders (October 31): Generative AI and Cybersecurity in a State of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt 

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