How to Add Policyholder Contacts to the CrowBar

You can provide policyholders with access to our suite of risk management services by adding them to the CrowBar.

Step 1: Log in to the CrowBar and find the policy for this client:


[GIF] Policyholder viewing Policy in Corvus Dashboard

Step 2: On the policy page, scroll down to the Insured Contacts section and click on Invite Insured Contact:


[GIF] Policyholder Inviting Insured Contact to Corvus Platform

Step 3: Add the Insured’s full name and email address and click add:


[DIAGRAM] Client Contacts in Corvus Policyholder Dashboard

Step 4: An invitation email is sent to the insured with a button to login to the Policyholder Dashboard 


[DIAGRAM] Sample Email Invitation to Join Corvus Policyholder Dashboard


  • Will I receive a copy of the invitation email?

      • Yes, all brokers on the broker team for that client will receive a confirmation email with a copy of the email sent to the insured. 

[DIAGRAM] Alternate Sample Email Invitation to Join Corvus Policyholder Dashboard

  • Who is the invitation email going to come from?

  • Can you do this for me?

      • Yes, we can! Send an email to with the Client Name along with the full name, email and job title of all the policyholder contacts that should be added.
      • We recommend including policyholder contacts responsible for IT security so they can directly receive actionable loss mitigation information. You will always be included on any communication from Corvus to the policyholder.
  • What do they have access to?

      • View the Policyholder Dashboard article here for complete information, but as an overview, your insured will have access to the following resources:
        • Policy Documents (Claims details enclosed)
        • Corvus’s Quarterly Dynamic Loss Prevention Report (delivered via email with you cc'ed)
        • Incident Response Planning Resources
        • Tools to quantify risk 
        • Data Privacy and Security News and Learning Centers
        • Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Resources 
        • Pre and Post-Breach Vendor Recommendations
        • And much more cyber risk materials!
  • Who do they reach out to if they have questions for Corvus?