What if I don't know my client's website URL (or my client has no website)?

Three options to complete an application if you do not know your client's website URL, or your client does not have a website.

A client's primary website (URL) is a key part of the the Smart Cyber Insurance application. The Corvus Scan uses the URL as a starting point to trace the full set of publicly visible web properties connected to that domain, including email servers, databases, and adjacent web applications, as well as the website itself. Data collected by the scan is used to generate the quote and the Dynamic Loss Prevention (DLP) Report

For this reason, the primary website URL is a required field on our online application. 

We understand that there are situations where you may not know your client's website URL or your client does not have a website. If that is the case, you have three options to move forward:

1. Enter the client's email domain. 

If your client has a business email account, the email domain is an acceptable substitute for the website URL. For instance in the address jdoe@clientco.com, everything after the "@" is the domain, which you can enter on the application: clientco.com. 

2. Email your submission

Fill out our PDF app and email it to submissions@corvusinsurance.com. Please indicate when you send the application which of the following is the case: that you do not know the website, or that client does not have one. If it is unknown, Corvus will attempt to determine the domain. If it does not exist, Corvus will process the application without a website, but the insured will not receive a Dynamic Loss Prevention Report. 

3. Contact your Territory Manager 

If you do not know your Corvus Territory Manager, navigate to the "Resources" tab at the top of the CrowBar and find "Your Team at Corvus" in the left-hand side menu on the Resources page. You will see the name and contact information for your Territory Manager. They will be able to help you decide how to best navigate the situation.