What's New with Claims at Corvus? January 2021

Alerts, post-breach consultation, and more transparency

This week the Corvus team released several updates to our overall claims experience for brokers. These updates are intended to provide more information about your clients' claims and make it easier to access that information quickly.

These updates apply to any Smart Cyber Insurance and Smart Tech E&O clients.  

Claim Status Alerts

Brokers who are the lead broker on a Corvus Smart Cyber Insurance or Smart Tech E&O account will be sent an automatic email at each of three points in the Claims process. This ensures you'll always know of major updates as soon as they happen. A link in the email will take you directly to your client's claim detail page for more information. 

We'll send you alerts when:  

  • Claim has been opened

  • A coverage letter has been issued

  • Claim has been closed

More info on claim status alerts here

Post-breach Consultation

We're pleased to offer a post-breach consultation with Corvus's CISO, Nathan Smolenski, for any clients who have had a claim with Corvus. After the dust settles on a claim and incident response, your client can schedule a free one-hour session to review their forensic report and receive recommendations about next steps. 

For more information, reach out to services@corvusinsurance.com

Your personal claims page

See all open and closed claims for all of your Corvus clients in one place along with high-level details such as claim number, claim description, breach response or litigation status, first notice of loss date, total paid to date and more. This is also an easy way to navigate directly to a client's claim detail page. 

You can access your aggregated claims page via the navigation menu on the top right in the CrowBar (hover over your own name), click "Claims". 

More info here  

Additional Info on Claim Detail Page

Each client already has a claim detail page for any open or closed claim. This week we added several pieces of information that will be visible to you on this page going forward. The additional information includes:

  • Last updated date
  • Breach response status (if applicable)
  • Litigation status (if applicable)
  • Details on our new Post-Breach Consultation offering 

More about our claim detail page, including how to find it for any client, here