What are the vCISO Services?

Here's what policyholders can expect from vCISO Services –– the latest enhancement of Corvus's vCISO digital policyholder experience.

At Corvus, we view risk mitigation as a top priority. When it comes to maintaining top-notch cyber hygiene at your organization, you need to know what security measures to take and have a plan to implement them. The hard part can be knowing where to start, which is why we help identify the right vendor for you to have a free, no-risk consultation call.

We’ve partnered with leading cybersecurity service providers to make all these decisions a little bit easier (and cost-effective), so you can rest assured that the industry's top cybersecurity firms are helping build resilience and security at your organization.

What are the vCISO Services?

As part of the larger vCISO digital experience, we’ve gathered a suite of consultative sessions with Corvus security partners at a reduced cost, each aiming to help organizations dig deeper into their specific security concerns and enable you to choose a provider that best fits your particular needs. 

  • The process begins with a free, no-risk consultation call to explore options and find the best solution. Any further services selected are offered at an exclusive discounted rate.
  • You can choose from a range of consultation services, all with the shared goal to better protect your organization against ransomware and other cyber attacks. 

What services are available for consultative sessions?

Corvus vCISO Services are powered by our partners at MOXFIVE, RED SKY Consulting, SentinelOne®, and Tetra Defense. With their help, we’re able to offer the following consults:

  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Consult: With stolen credentials often leading to enterprise-wide security issues, the MFA Consult will help business leaders determine which MFA solution is right for their organization and provide support through the implementation process.
  • Endpoint Detection and Response Consult: As endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions become a requirement in an organizations' cybersecurity toolkit, the EDR Consult will help organizations Identify, deploy and monitor an endpoint detection and response tool.
  • Backups Consult: Backups are becoming common attack vectors for ransomware threat actors seeking ransom; the Backups consultation will help organizations strengthen their backup strategy.
  • Active Directory Consult: The Active Directory Consult will work with the organization's infrastructure team to fully understand the Active Directory architecture and make recommendations to secure its environment better.
  • Network Segmentation Consult: Strong network segmentation complicates a threat actor’s ability to infiltrate your network. This consultation service works with your organization to identify ways to segment the network better to protect what’s most important.
  • Cloud Security Configuration Consult: With businesses migrating much of their data to the cloud, this consultation service works with the organization to identify the cloud providers in use and give guidance on which settings and tools to enable.

For more detailed service descriptions, you can read our Risk + Response brochure.

Where do I get started?

If you’ve decided one (or a few) of the above services fits your needs, you can click here to find out more about the services provided and complete our contact form for a free consultation. You can check off as many of the options as you see fit, and our Risk + Response team will be in touch with you following your submission.