What are dynamic security alerts, and how do I sign my clients up?

Learn more about this feature from Corvus and get your clients set up to benefit right away.

Powered by the Corvus Scan, our alerts let you know about severe cybersecurity issues -- but only those that apply to your clients’ specific IT infrastructure. This helps separate signals from noise. We send alerts whenever we identify them during the policy period. 

Below is an example of the kind of alert you will receive by email when we identify an issue within one of your client's systems. This screen shot is a sample only - details may change. 

[DIAGRAM] BlueKeep Remote Desktop Vulnerability Alert

As the broker, you will have complete control over how these alerts reach you, a colleague or partner, or the client.

  • By default, you, the broker, will receive these alerts.
  • By adding a client to the Crowbar (see below) you'll have the option to get the client signed up to receive alerts directly. You will always be CC’ed on the emails they get.
  • Or, you may choose to continue to get them yourself and use them as a touch point with your client. 
  • If you choose to add your client to the crowbar (see below) they will be able to view any active alerts at any time in their dashboard. 


Our alerting criteria includes open/unsecured ports with remote desktop protocol (RDP). This is the most critical and most frequent security gap we find today. The majority (roughly two thirds) of ransomware attacks now start with an exploit of an RDP port, so this is the alert you're mostly likely to encounter. Read more about RDP on our blog. 

Additional Alerting Capabilities

Our team is always developing new technology to better identify key cyber vulnerabilities in our clients' cyber infrastructure, including those that have already been implemented. Learn about some of the key vulnerabilities you may see alert notifications for:

BlueKeep Vulnerability

SMB Vulnerability 

Telnet Vulnerability

Adding a client to receive alerts

For a client to get alerts directly, their information needs to be added to the CrowBar. Use the instructions below to add a policyholder to the CrowBar, or email pm@corvusinsurance.com to get multiple clients added in bulk.   

Step 1: Log in to the CrowBar and find the policy for a client: 


[GIF] Searching for Client in Corvus Broker Dashboard

Step 2: On the policy page, scroll down to the Insured Contacts section and click on Invite Insured Contact:


[GIF] Looking through Platform and Inviting Contact to Corvus Broker Dashboard

Step 3: Add the Insured’s full name and email address and click add:


[GIF] Inviting Contact to Corvus Broker Dashboard

Step 4: An invitation email is sent to the insured with a button to login to the Smart Cyber Dashboard


[DIAGRAM] Invite Email from Broker to Join Corvus Policy


Will I receive a copy of the invitation email?

Yes, all brokers on the broker team for that client will receive a copy of the email sent to the insured. 

Who is the invitation email going to come from?

The email will come from support@corvusinsurance.com. The  email will list the client name and their Corvus Policy number

Can you do this for me?

Yes, we can! Send an email to services@corvusinsurance.com with the Client Name along with the full name, email and job title of all the policyholder contacts that should be added.We recommend including policyholder contacts responsible for IT security so they can directly receive actionable loss mitigation information. You will always be included on any communication from Corvus to the policyholder.

What do policyholders have access to?

  • Policy Documents (Claims details enclosed)
  • Corvus’s Quarterly Dynamic Loss Prevention Report (delivered via email with you cc'ed)
  • Incident Response Planning Resources
  • Tools to quantify risk 
  • Data Privacy and Security News and Learning Centers
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Resources 
  • Pre and Post-Breach Vendor Recommendations
  • And much more cyber risk material!

Who do they reach out to if they have questions for Corvus?

All policyholders can reach out to Lauren Winchester,  VP of Smart Breach Response at services@corvusinsurance.com