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[VIDEO] An Overview of Corvus Policyholder Benefits

What can you expect from being a Corvus Policyholder? Find out in this short explainer video!

Closed Captioning:

[Fayon Atkinson - Risk + Response Manager, Corvus Insurance] Hi there, I’m Fayon from the Corvus Risk + Response team. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your policy and make your organization safer. In this video, we’ll walk through your policyholder dashboard and show you all of the benefits you can expect from being a Corvus policyholder.

Each Policyholder at Corvus is granted access to their own unique Policyholder Dashboard which includes features such as Quarterly Scan Reportsthe Virtual CISO Experience, Cybersecurity Vulnerability Alerts, Breach Response & Claims Handling Information, and Post-breach CISO Consultations.

Through the dashboard, you’ll have access to the Corvus Risk Management Portal with a wealth of resources including access to a Breach coach, an Incident Response Plan Roadmap, Cyber tools & Recommendations, and a Cyber Learning Center.

Corvus Policyholders also have access to the vCISO Digital Experience. Located in your Policyholder Dashboard, vCISO combines multiple sources of risk data and highlights cost-effective recommendations designed to dig deeper into the unique cyber needs of your organization. Once you’ve reviewed our vCISO recommendations, you can explore reduced-cost vCISO Services through our partnerships with top vendors who can help improve your security.

Policyholders with over $100mm in annual revenue qualify for Corvus Black, and are eligible for additional services including a meeting with the Corvus Risk + Response Team, an Incident Response Tabletop exercise, help with Incident Response Plan development, and Vendor Scan Reports.

In addition to those specialized services, all policyholders qualify for free added benefits that may be requested at any time during the policy term. These include hands-on help with assessing and understanding your risk and getting to know the vendors you may use in the event of a breach. Review your guide to Risk + Response for more information.

Corvus has reimagined the experience for brokers and policyholders, and we’re looking forward to helping your business grow safely and securely.