How can I check the status of my claim?

Learn more about the Corvus Claims Portal and how to quickly access claims status information after you filed.

Corvus provides all policyholders with a transparent claims experience through your Policyholder Dashboard. This feature enables you to view information about your open and closed claims, so that you can quickly check the status of an incident and provide updates to your teams as needed, without reaching out to Corvus. 

Claims information available in your account  

  • Claim number
  • Policy Number
  • Status
  • First Notice of Loss Date
  • Total paid to date
  • Matter / incident name
  • Description of the incident
  • How to contact Corvus claims 

How to access your claims information 

  • Step 1: Log into your Corvus account and navigate to the "Manage Claims" tab 

[DIARGRAM] Corvus Policyholder Dashboard - Manage Claims Page

  • Step 2: Scroll down to the claims table. If there is a claim on file, you will see an overview of the incident. 

[DIARGRAM] Corvus Policyholder Dashboard - Sample Claims Page

  • Step 3: Click the claim in question to view more detailed information, including how to contact the Corvus claims and breach response teams. 
    [DIARGRAM] Corvus Policyholder Dashboard - Sample Client Claim Page


    • Can my broker see my claims data in their account? 
      Yes. Brokers can access the same claims information in their account, ensuring that you are always on the same page about the status of a claim. 
    • How often does claims information get updated? We will update claims information as we receive it. The timing will vary from account to account as we work through the incident response and claims handling process in partnership with you and your broker.
    • Can I get an alert when there is a new update to a claim? We do not yet support claims status updates. We're always looking for feedback on how we can improve our platform, so let us know if this functionality would be helpful, or if there is anything else that would help you do your job more easily!