Confluence Data Center Vulnerability Alert | January 2024

Confluence customers could be at risk due to a critical security flaw. Here's what you need to know.


Confluence issued a security advisory for a critical vulnerability impacting Confluence Data Center & Server, which is commonly used for collaboration and development. Note that the vulnerability does not impact Atlassian-hosted SaaS applications. Atlassian warns that customers running out-of-date versions are vulnerable to exploitation, including remote code execution by attackers. We recommend your organization immediately update to the latest version.


This vulnerability affects out-of-date Confluence Data Center and Server 8 versions released before Dec. 5, 2023 as well as 8.4.5, which no longer receives backported fixes in accordance with Atlassian’s Security Bug Fix Policy.

Affected versions:

  • 8.0.x
  • 8.1.x
  • 8.2.x
  • 8.3.x
  • 8.4.x
  • 8.5.0-8.5.3

Corvus has observed similar vulnerabilities lead to data theft and ransomware attacks. There are no known workarounds for this vulnerability. To remediate, update each affected product installation to the latest version.

Note: Atlassian Cloud sites are not affected by this vulnerability. If your Confluence site is accessed via an domain, it is hosted by Atlassian and is not vulnerable to this issue.

Next Steps for Confluence Customers:

We encourage your organization to take the following steps to mitigate against potential attack:

    1. Update to the latest fixed version:


    Fixed Versions

    Latest Versions

    Confluence Data Center and Server

    • 8.5.4 (LTS)
    • 8.5.5 (LTS)

    Confluence Data Center

    • 8.6.0 (Data Center Only)
    • 8.7.1 (Data Center Only)
    • 8.7.2 (Data Center Only)